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Report a Swarm

Report a Swarm

Idaho Bee Swarm

Step #1

Be sure they are honey bees! Various Wasps and Hornet species look very much like a honey bee in both size and color. See the images to help you identify if they are honey bees.

Bee Species comparison

 Step #2

The Beekeeper is going to need to know the following information:

  1. Are they honey bees?
  2. Where is the swarm located? Nearest address or cross streets?
  3. What is the swarm in? (example:Tree or Bush) How high off the ground is the swarm?
  4. Do you know how long the swarm has been there?
  5. How big is the swarm compared to a Soccer or Baseball in size?
  6. Have the bees been sprayed with anything? If so what were they sprayed with?
  7. Have you called anyone else?

Step #3

Use the map to zoom into the location of the swarm, then start calling the beekeepers closest to that location.


Please Note:
The swarm catcher map lists all Beekeepers who have volunteered to attempt to collect swarms of only honey bees. Please be courteous and patient when you contact them. Many of our beekeepers work full time jobs or have other business ventures so please leave a message if needed and they will return your call.

Alternative Step #3

Please fill out the form below and a natural beekeeper will contact you for removal:

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